Kveto Hecko Headshot KVETO HECKO


(2010) 5min

Poetic experimental movie about the ecology or ECO-logical - po-EM

If you expect the horrible looking heaps of waste, bland looking environment, and repulsive pictures of our current world, you won’t find it in this movie. This is a philosophical-aesthetical take on the primal ecological idea. We generally like colorful environment, glittering sparkles, shining things. They may be poisonous, but if they look awesome, we are hooked. Recent human history is about industrial revolution and technology. So we tend to be in awe looking at the colorful factories in the night, adoring the shiny things they produce for us, despite the fact that their byproducts can be very deadly. How to understand this progress, development, future of our civilized universe? It won’t be easy and simple, but we have to balance the development of our thinking with the state of our environment. Let’s face the world that we live in with open minds and hearts. Don’t worry, our music will help you to feel the heartbeat of our civilization. Keep on marching forward with your eyes and minds open.

If you are interested in watching another visual philosophical treatment, this time in the area of film, watch the experimental movie That’s a Movie.

Director, Writer, Editor
Kveto Hecko
Nina Heckova, Kveto Hecko
Albert Wu, Adam Decker
Art Design, Compositing
Veronika Hecko Wu
Martin Hecko
Film Festivals
LA Shorts Los Angeles, 2010